Instant Accounts

Sage Instant Accounting Products are ideal for start-ups, sole traders and small businesses, who have limited IT and accounting skills and who are therefore looking for an easy-to-use solution.

Sage Instant Accounts products have all of the usual accounting ledgers and they do your double-entry bookkeeping for you.

Instant Accounts
Instant Accounts has been designed to improve its performance in two key areas: ease of use and supporting business relationships.

Ease of Use:
Enhanced Manual and Help System

Get a quick understanding of the principles underlying Instant Accounts and the key tasks you will undertake during your first year using Instant Accounts.

Accounts Analyser – New Nominal View

The accounts analyser is the heart of your accounting system, where all your business information on your assets, liabilities, income and expenditure are held.

A new nominal view presents this information graphically, making this critical information even easier to access and use.

Smart Columns

Too much information is just confusing, select only the information you need to see, hide the rest.

Smart Totals

Quickly sum vital information for example select a set of products while a customer is on the phone, to see the full sales price of the selected items.

Enhanced Invoicing

Do you predominantly sell products or services?

Instant Accounts remembers your invoice settings from your last session, allowing you to continue from where you left off, straight away.

Managing Your Business Relationships:
Accountants Link

The Accountant link provides efficient transfer of Instant Accounts data between you and your accountant over the Internet – with corrections automatically completed at the touch of a button.

The Accountants Link is a much more efficient, secure method of transferring data allowing easy interaction between you and your accountant.

Audit Assistant

Approved by HMCE. The Audit Assistant means you can be fully prepared for every audit.

Transaction E-mail

Send and receive invoices, sales orders and purchase orders from a customer or supplier who is also using Instant Accounts V11 or Sage Line 50 version 9 or above.

PDF Generation

The report generation capability of Instant Accounts V11 now includes PDF output to help you share information even more easily.

Sage Instant Accounting Products help you to:
Manage Your Business New Instant Accounts and Instant Accounts Plus version 10 bring you a host of features to help you gain a clearer picture of your business. Find out more.

Manage Your Suppliers Store everything you need to keep track of what you are buying, from whom and how much you are paying, in one place. Find out more

Manage Your Products Keep all of the information on the products and services you sell in one place so it’s just a couple of clicks away, when you need it. Find out more

Manage Your Customers Stay responsive to your customers’ needs and understand who and how much they owe you, with instant access to their individual details and understand. Find out more

Manage Your Accounts Full access and control over your accounts will put you in a strong position to make confidant, informed decisions. Find out more

Manage Your Finances Prepare your regular financial reports quickly and easily. As soon as you have entered your first transactions you can use the financials option to study how your business is performing.

Find out more